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Haya Azumi is Jonathan Schlatt's only trusted associate. He has since fired all his servants, and only has Ayumi working for him. She lives in his tower in a guest room. She cooks for him, cleans, and helps him with anything he may need. She runs trips outside the house for him.


Azumi has a graceful and efficient demeanor. She is respectful but sassy to everyone but Schlatt. She would do anything for him, as he saved her with a job when she had no qualifications and was on the brink of collapse, keeping her family alive. Azumi herself has some psychopathic personality traits, such as psychotic obsession with Schlatt. Schlatt is aware of this, and trusts her unconditionally. She cooks all his meals, cleans his entire penthouse apartment on her own and goes out for him so he doesn't have too.


Overall Abilities: In the main room of Schlatt's apartment, there are 4 armor sets. One wields a mace, one wields a spear, one wields a broadsword, and one wields an axe. She is adept with all of these weapons, and uses them all throughout her fight with Yoshinori.


Snares: Azumi can set traps known as snares. These traps appear as