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Jonathan Schlatt Is a Probuisness ram who wears a suit and looks up to spite god

Jonathan Schlatt is the Owner of Schlatt & Co., former husband of Maria Schlatt, and the president of North Korea. He is completely insane, taking the role of one of the Six Legends, the Top 6 villains in the league of villains after Uchu. He is a member of the DreamSMP. He is gay for women and jared. He is also known for having a cat that may or may not have abbilities, it is still unsure.


Ram from castle crashers but non copyright

J. Schlatt is a wooly ram with the curved horns. Unlike an actual goat, his wool is smooth and well kept. He's an average size goat who’s face is round. He carries himself highly, but constantly glances around, indicating his paranoia. he also ends up killing Naruto.


J. Schlatt began as a stubbornly independent business man, plagued by the false belief that his ally is predestined to destroy him and his company, assuming the role of an antagonist allied with Uchu. It really portrays the theme of how undetected mental illness can become the downfall of a person’s relationship, turning a once charismatic character into a cunning paranoiac helusiness ally Wilbur Soot got into a small argument with him about how they should split company shares, because Schlatt thought he did far more work than Wilbur, meriting a 60/40 income rather than their previously agreed 50/50. Schlatt and Wilbur's friendship fell out slowly. It completely and utterly shattered after Schlatt and Wilbur got into an auctioning battle over an unimportant item that was forgotten later. Wilbur put out an outrageous bet on it, and Schlatt went over it out of pure spite. Wilbur raised him by another hundred dollars, but Schlatt had had his final moments of sanity already. His sanity collapsed, and he raised it by 100,000 dollars. He began laughing maniacally. That was the last the world saw of Jonathan Schlatt for a long while. He holed up in Schlatt tower and became a hermit. Weeks later, Wilbur died of a puncture to the left lung. It appeared it had been drawn out, Wilbur being stabbed through the gut and pinned to a wall while someone twisted the knife.

Wilbur hadn't rewritten his will in a good while, so all his belongings, shares and servants went to Schlatt. Some point around his time, Maria Schlatt came up missing. Schlatt had long since fired all but Haya Azumi, paranoid that they would attempt to kill him. Now, Schlatt is a sadistic and insane killer who joins the Villain's Association on their missions, and funds them using his massive corporation. Schlatt & Co. is roughly similar to Amazon, both in production and size.


Schlatt has four quirks.

1st Quirk: Free gay pass. This quirk allows Schlatt being very sus with his fellow men, while still leaving people doubting if he's gay. This quirk is the reason no one questions him even after very homoerotic acts like kissing and arse grabbing.

2nd Quirk: Anivolve. Type: Transformation Quirk. This quirk allows Schlatt to partially morph his body into different animals at the price of sacrificing some of his control of himself. For example, he could take the form of an apex predator but then take some of the instincts of that predator with it, like becoming very defensive of territory as a lion. The most common form he takes is ram, because the ram's instincts have very little downsides and rams have a surprising amount of useful abilities. Normally the ram's weakness would be the fact that it's a coward, but Jonathan's natural insanity balances that out.

3rd quirk: Glock. This quirk allows Jonathan to have a glock concealed on his persons at all times. Is the glock actually loaded? No one knows.

4th quirk: wilburs pretty princess