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"My past is done holding me back!"

Kagami is an aspiring hero who does work in the field as a sidekick. His father was a villain who had the power to turn to sand. His mother had to power to catch herself on fire, and thus Kagami's quirk was born. He hates his dad for how he changed his life for the worse, but still visits him in prison.


Kagami has white hair with black hair layer underneath. He has yellow pupils with a black background. He has a large build and nice skin. He wears glasses.


Kagami is usually quiet and reserved, but if he wishes to he can break out of this shell and show his true fiery colors. He has a good sense of justice but can be very offputting to outsiders, and he considers this the number one thing he needs to work on as a hero: Getting any innocents he has to to calm down in a crisis. He likes cats and he has one named Miko.


Glass Appendages: Kagami can turn his body into glass. he can control which parts of his body turn into glass, but not with much precision. He can shape this glass into blades. If the glass is struck and destroyed, his hands revert to their original form with no damage dealt, almost like armor. He can turn his entire body into glass, but he is then locked in place until someone hits some part of his body and he can escape if there is glass shards around he can form any weapon into them. He is also warm due to his mother's quirk, as his quirk is born of his parent's quirks working together. ( this is someone else...but how can i edit this master piece ;-;)


Glass Gun: A glove that Kagami wears. He turns his finger to glass then makes a finger gun and presses a button on the glove. The glass finger will then break off and he will fire the glass like a bullet. This makes up for his lack of ranged abilities.


Class 1-A[]

Moto Yoshinori[]

Moto is Kagami's most trusted ally. He sees Yoshinori as the ultimate rival, somewhat he can use to judge his growth and get even stronger. He and Yoshinori