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Kazen has one blue eye and one orange one. Kazen's ears are dark brown on the outside and the fuzzy hair inside is white. He has brown hair, the same color as the outsides of his ears. He wears black clothes often.


Kazen has a somewhat reserved personality, mostly a lone wolf. He isn't aggressive and he'll reply if approached, but he never starts a conversation or continues it. he doesn't like the system where heroes get paid to do hero work but still wants to become one of the legends. He's taken a vigilante's approach to his career and doesn't work under the supervision of the government.


Overall Abilities: Kazen seems like a brute on the outside, but he is really putting up a facade. He's incredibly smart, and a professional sniper. He uses tranquilizer darts to disable villains and is adept in hand to hand combat.


Wolfdog: Kazenikura has the power to do practically anything a dog can do. He has an increased sense of smell even though he doesn't have a dog nose, better hearing, sharp teeth, and claws. He makes good use of these abilities when sniping and also in direct combat.