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Moto Yoshinori is the protagonist of The Pinnacle. He wants to be a hero for the people, not focused on money or anything for himself. He is the definition of what it means to be a hero. He and his best friend Chikao Ayumi have been aspiring to be heroes for their entire lives, and their rivalry has grown for many years. He attends UA Academy as a Student in 1-A. He comes from an average income family and has two supportive parents. His father was a hero, and he passed down Force to Moto.


Yoshinori is a slimly built boy of above-average height. He has very dark brown hair with hints of sun-bleached blonde. He has a sharper face and yellow eyes. He has tall


Yoshinori is a nice person who likes to bring people together. He is a strong leader and a hero who people can stand behind and feel safe. He has a strong sense of justice and hates people who are outside of that area. He is calm, but he has a temper involving his friends and family. Insults to him will slide, but anything disrespecting his father will get you a swift foot in the face.



Force: Force is pressure-based energy that is built up in Yoshinori's legs. It moves similarly to electricity, able to move through liquids. It increases the power of Yoshinori's kicks, and pumps adrenaline into people he hits in the heads, speeding up their perception of time.


U.A. Faculty[]

Yuehui Shan[]

Yuehui and Yoshinori are seen to have a good relationship, as Yuehui trusts Yoshinori with many things he doesn't trust others in the class with. Yoshinori also saved his fiance's life once, so he holds him a debt for that.

Nanao Yuikera[]

Yuikera was saved by Yoshinori after she tried to take on a brainwashed Khan Minami with her 20 Meter Radius String Trap. Yoshinori knocked out Khan from behind after he almost killed Yuikera, and carried them both back to camp.

Class 1-A[]

Khan Minami[]

Battle Trial: Khan and Yoshinori were partners on the Battle Trial, and used a combination of smart use of their quirks and sheer power they defeated Yuki Minami and Kagami Kazuhito as a team.

Khan and Yoshinori have been friends ever since and work together on projects as well as training together and spending time together.

Khan and Yoshinori are also together at camp, and they fight against Bad Breath, Yoshinori's second encounter with him and Khan's first. The battle begins with Khan being knocked out, Yoshinori being stuck in single combat, then Shan showing up to help and scaring him off.