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Yuki Minami is the sister of Khan Minami, daughter of Terris Minami, and heir to the Minami fortune. She's not your classic spoiled rich kid, though. On the outside you may see the piano and art lessons and stereotype her based on that, but she is incredibly competent and a phenomenal thinker.


She has bronze creamy blonde hair and a thin build. She has blue eyes with yellowish hues, and she takes the look of someone who knows what they're doing. She has a strong sense of fashion, as she grew up as part of the 1%. :3


Yuki is quiet and seems unchanged by anything that may happen. Underneath that expression, she is running calculations almost constantly. She has chronic depression and haphephobia, the fear of touching people or being touched.


Overall Abilities: Yuki is incredibly smart, and can formulate a complicated plan in less than a minute. Due to how complicated her plans are, she often has trouble if they fail, as her on-the-spot decisions, such as in fights is a bit lacking.


Frostbite: Frostbite makes Yuki really, really cold. The sadder she is the colder she is. The happier the warmer. However, due to her somewhat depressed nature, she has trouble warming up. Yuki herself feels this cold but isn't affected. This is the origin of her phobia of human contact, as she feels she'll freeze the people she loves. This cold goes through her clothing and often affects the air near her. This is applicable in combat to freeze enemies quickly.