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Zariah Annenberg is a student in Class 1-A. She is a transgender who befriends the main cast and eventually ends up joining the Battle Brigade.


Zariah is a beautiful, tied with Yuki Minami for being the best looking girl in Class 1-A. To the surprise of the Class, she wasn't born a girl, which crushes Yuki's heart knowing she only TIED. Zariah has light purple eyes and green hair, corresponding to the same colors of her quirk.


Zariah is super cute. Her petite frame and round face make her style appealing to many. She's seems nice and innocent, but don't underestimate her, as her quirk is no laughing matter. She gets cold easily, and loves a cup of coffee on a quiet morning. She loves animals and has a cat named Zoe. She's somewhat clueless and aloof.


Overall Abilities: Zariah's personal ability is rather low, as she's more supportive to others, but she can step up when she has to protect her friends.


Rift: Zariah can use her right hand to cut a hole into space. This hole can appear as a doorway, or as a pocket dimension known as "The Rift." Zariah can store things in the Rift and hide herself inside it. She can also cut through people and objects and erase parts of them. She can go from one place to another using the rift.


Class 1-A[]

Khan Minami[]

Khan tried to hit on Zariah for the first month or so of school. One day, Zariah wasn't feeling very great and remarked "I'm a piece of trash." and Khan remarked "As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I'm obligated to pick you up. Is seven okay?" They ended up going out together twice. When Zariah revealed that she was naturally a boy, the relationship kinda fell apart for a bit. Khan eventually reevaluated what he thought and decided to try again, and they've been dating ever since.